Ourvets is a multi-location practice, where each veterinarian’s area of expertise fits together to create an extensive portfolio of veterinary skills and knowledge. We love our own pets as much as you love yours. If you want the best care for your pet you have come to the right place.

Best Practice Accredited Clinic

Ourvets St Albans was Christchurch’s first NZVA Accredited Practice. We are very proud of the ongoing commitment of all staff to have remained accredited for so many years. This takes a great deal of hard work and effort. Strict standards must be met to gain accreditation.

An audit of the practice is undertaken every two years and must meet the strict standards set out by the New Zealand Veterinary Association. This means you can rely on us to deliver the very best service for you and your pet.

Our latest Best Practice accreditation was completed January 2017.

Meet Our Vets
Dr John Ingles

John owned his own veterinary clinic in Christchurch before joining the St Albans team in 2005.  He has special interests in surgery and oncology (cancer management and treatment).

When not working at the clinic or renovating his home, John enjoys running, reading and gardening to relax. John was all set to run in the New York marathon in 2011 before injury struck, watch this space he may get there yet!

Dr Greg Lukaszewicz

Profile coming soon...

Dr Tarryn Muller

Tarryn is originally from South Africa (we are very pleased she made the move here).  She has worked previously in clinics that treat both large and small animals – so she is enjoying the opportunity to focus on small animals now.

Tarryn says that building good relationships with clients is very important to her as it helps to achieve better outcomes for the patients. She also enjoys soft tissue surgery and small animal medicine.

When not hard at work, Tarryn and her husband are normally out and about, tramping, camping, cycling and for a quieter moment settling down with a good book. They share their house with two rescue dogs and a cat ironically named Ninja (the clumsy clogs), Bingo has every breed known to man in his heritage and Titan is a rather nervous lab x who likes to go for runs.

Meet Our Vet Nurses
Diana McGregor
Customer Services Manager

Diana is our Customer Service Manager and Receptionist. She began working with us in 2016 and now we don’t know how we would managed without her. Diana has a Bachelor of Design, majoring in advertising. It is her aim that all our clients have the best experience possible at Ourvets.

When not at work Diana is usually found pandering to her rescue cats every whim (Violet the Pirate – so named as she has one eye only). She is also a big fan of large family gatherings and so is frequently attending or organising these. Diana is very creative and spends her some of her free time working on projects.

Nicole Cavanagh
Vet Nurse

Nicole has been a part of the team since early 2015. She has a passion for surgery, especially orthopaedic surgery. Nicole is our go-to nurse with any surgery questions!

As well as nursing, Nicole is a mum to three beautiful children who take up most of her spare time. Not to mention her four fur babies Millie, Neko, Meeka and George. Nicole adores her family and friends and loves spending time outside. Nicole is so proud of how far she has come in the past few years.

Kellie Cassidy
Vet Nurse

Kellie has been a veterinary nurse for a number of years and has worked with us for around 4 of those so far. She is the main surgical nurse at our St Albans branch where she works part time.

Kellie is the mother of two beautiful young girls which keep her super busy. She also has a chocolate point Persian named Maddy and a tabby called Tiger.
Her special interest within the veterinary field would definitely have to be surgery and also being involved with the interesting cases we get into the clinic.

Outside of work, Kellie enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, fishing, flying, and playing at the park. Kellie is currently enjoying maternity leave.

Ella Dixon
Vet Nurse

Ella began at Ourvets in October 2017, quickly establishing herself as a useful and helpful member of the team. She has a customer service background and is very good at reassuring clients whom are a little overwhelmed. Ella enjoys surgery, with the monitoring and post-surgical care being particular areas of interest for her. When required Ella also helps out in the cattery – she is very good at medicating the unwilling and giving sweet cuddles to all the kitties.

Currently Ella is unable to have pets, however plans are in place for a corgi and a goat, perhaps even a cat or two. She is a keen dancer and is often at practice 3 times or more a week, leaving just enough time for hanging out with friends and family.

Karen Whittington
Vet Nurse

Karen has over 10 years’ experience in veterinary nursing and joined the Ourvets team mid 2018, proving to be a valuable addition to the team. One of her proudest achievements over her career was working with clients to get their 60kg Labrador's weight down to 30kg, thus the dog was no longer lame from carrying that excess weight on its joints. Karen has a particular interest in laboratory work and cares for our machines, and she also enjoys finding solutions for our unique clients. Her work catch phrase is “We are improving lives!”

When not working Karen is usually with her two teenage children or dancing (Modern Jive).  Karen also likes to go walking and is missing the camper she used to own.

Grace Mitchell
Vet Nurse

Grace gained her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and has been working for Ourvets since early 2018. She is a capable intelligent nurse, whom can always be relied upon to go the extra bit when required. Nursing our hospitalised patients and assisting in surgery are areas she particularly enjoys. 

When not at work Grace is usually at hockey, swimming, water-skiing and hanging out with her friends and family.  Her animal family includes 2 rescue cats, 2 bichons, interestingly Grace used to have a pet pig called Bluebell.

Holly Hill
Vet Nurse

Holly is one of Ourvets newest nurses. She had previously been working while studying for the last 2 years and is now a Diploma Veterinary nurse, which she is very proud of! Holly is yet to find a specific passion within nursing and is currently happy learning all she can in all areas. When not at work, Holly can be found volunteering at Dogwatch - or watching a good movie with friends and family.

Holly has an extensive fur family! They include Sativa (DSH - who loves belly rubs), Kaiser (Sharpei x Bulldog – rolly dog!), Phoenix (DSH – loves chasing lasers and enjoys a good box), Bayzen (DMH – you’ll find him in his favourite chair), Star (DMH – loves cuddles and being your shadow), Bailey (DSH – a living alarm clock!)

Vet Nurse/ Puppy School Trainer

Sarah completed her Certificate in Veterinary Nursing in 2003.  She has experience working at clinics in both Christchurch and Wellington nursing at a clinic.  Sarah has a 1.5 years old Border Collie, Piper and they compete together at Obedience competitions.  Sarah’s goal wants to have a litter of puppies with Piper.  Sarah has a Dog walking and Pet Feeding business called Pets Steps that she also fits in with her clinic hours.